2016 Distinguished Staff Nominees


Cori Anderson
Cultural Events/Special Academic Programs

Claire Bailey
Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges

Chelsey Burke
Office of the Chancellor

Care and Crisis Team
Dr. Karen Cole, Melanie Fox, Dr. Dahlia Hylton, Dr. Sue Lipiec, Marquis McGee, Jackie McHargue, Martha McKay, Dr. Jill Moffitt, Danny Moss, Gabby Porcaro, James Posedel, Anne Marie Roberts, Robert Stroud, Dr. Linda Thompson

Communications and Marketing Team
David Allen, Luke Bukoski, Hannah Epperson, Casey Hulme, Amy Jessee, Mary Ann Lawrence, Susan Lippold, Steve Plever, Hanna Trussler

Jonalyn Crite
Human Resources

Kevin Gibson
Office of the Deans

Brian Hart

Sasha Hussey
Teaching and Learning with Technology Resources

Amy Jessee
Communication and Marketing

Keith Krumpe
Office of the Deans

Mila Lemaster
Undergraduate Research

Annis Lytle
Center for Teaching and Learning

Susan Maas
Modern Languages & Literatures

Marquis McGee
Advising and Learning Support Center

Mark Mehaffey
Campus Operations - Maintenance

Suzie Morris

Wendy Mullis and Barb Svenson
Ramsey Library

Rebecca Nelms

Sylvia Pierce
Cultural Events and Special Academic Programs

Rebecca Reeve
NC Center for Health and Wellness Programming

Connie Schaller
Campus Operations - Administration

Shelly Sellers
Housing Operations

Katha Tasios
Administration and Finance