Benefits Information and Enrollment

UNC Asheville offers medical insurance through the North Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield State Health Plan and supplemental insurance policies through the NC Flex program. To watch a 30 minute presentation about benefits available to you, click here.

To enroll in or make benefit changes, click the button below:

Benefits EnrollmentYour username and password will be the same information you use to access your UNC Asheville computer/email or OnePort login.

Open Enrollment Step-by-Step Instructions 

Benefits Enrollment Instructions for a Life Event Change

2020 State Health Plan Comparison

2020 NCFlex Benefits Guide

Please Note: CVS Caremark is our pharmacy benefit manager; you are not required to purchase your prescriptions from CVS.  You can continue to use the pharmacy of your choice.

2020 Health Insurance Information

2020 State Health Plans Comparison

2020 Monthly Medical Premiums

State Health Plan Website

Dependent Verification Documents

2019 Drug Formulary

80/20 Plan Only Preventive Services

Find an In-Network Provider: When using an in-network provider, your out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles and coinsurance responsibility will be lower than if you use out-of-network providers. An in-network provider is one contracted with the State Health Plan to provide services to plan members for specific pre-negotiated rates. Out-of-network providers do not have these contracted rates, therefore your expenses will be higher.

How to Change or Update your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Marketplace Notice

2020 Additional Voluntary Benefits

All NCFlex plan benefits operate on a calendar year basis, January 1 through December 31. See your 2019 NCFlex Benefits Guide for benefits information or visit the NCFlex website for additional information.

NCFlex is a program of pre-tax benefit plans available for university employees and offers the following plans:

Flexible Spending Accounts- a convenience card is mailed to first-time users (for those with both Health and Dependent Daycare accounts only one card will be issued).

Other Benefits:

  • Supplemental Disability Income Plans
  • NC 529 College Savings Plan  The NC 529 Plan gives you a tax-advantaged, straightforward way to start putting money aside for your child’s college future right now. With easy online or paper enrollment, you can start saving with as little as $25. Make future contributions regularly or periodically—your choice. Other family and friends can contribute too.

    With the NC 529 Plan every dollar goes into low-cost, top-quality investments. There are many options to fit any investment strategy. Whether you want a conservative bond fund, a high- risk/high-reward growth fund or an age-based fund that adjusts as your child gets closer to college, you’ll get the added benefit of tax-free savings. So, whether you’re saving for a toddler or a teenager, the NC 529 Plan gives you the tools to start building a solid foundation for success.

    For more information click here.


Who can Enroll? Employees who work 20 or more hours per week in a permanent, probationary, or time-limited position are eligible for the NCFlex program.

Newly hired employees must enroll within 30 days of their employment at UNC Asheville and participation begins the first day of the month following the employment start date. Employees who do not enroll in NCFlex benefits within the first 30 days of employment are eligible to enroll during annual enrollment period; however, waiting periods and evidence of insurability may apply and coverage could be denied in some cases. If you have a change in family or employment status, please contact the Benefits Representative at 828-250-2344 within 30 days of the event for information about making changes to your benefits.