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Session Law 2018-5 (the 2018 Appropriations Act) granted a one-time additional 5 days (40 hours) of special annual bonus leave effective July 1, 2018, to eligible State employees.  The amount of leave is pro-rated for eligible full-time employees who work less than 12 months per year and eligible part-time employees who work half-time or more.

The Special Annual Bonus Leave, which will appear as SPL2 on the leave records/reports, differs slightly from the types of bonus leave granted in previous years:

Common QuestionsNew Special Annual Leave Bonus

FY 2018-2019

Special Bonus Leave

FY 2017-2018

Bonus Leave

Prior Years

What is the code on Leave Reports?SPL2SPLVBonus Leave
Does it expire?Yes-only upon separation/retirementYes-only upon separation/retirementNo
Does it payout at separation?NoNoYes
Is it transferrable to another state agency that was eligible for the leave, if there is no break in service?YesYesYes
Can it be used before exhausting comp time?YesYesNo
Can you donate this leave as voluntary shared leave?NoNoYes
Does it carry over to the next year if not used?YesYesYes
If used, does it reduce amount of vacation over the cap at the end of the year that converts to sick leave?Yes (NEW)

See information below


Information about how the new Special Annual Bonus Leave (SPL2) will affect vacation and sick leave

Annually, vacation leave amounts in excess of 30 days (240 hours)* are transferred to sick leave accrual on December 31.

Using SPL2 leave will reduce the amount of vacation over the 240-hour cap* that converts to sick leave at the end of the calendar year.

*The cap is pro-rated for part-time employees and employees with appointments of less than 12 months per year.

Example for a full-time employee:

Step 1

      300 hours of vacation leave balance as of Dec. 31
     -240 hour cap on vacation leave eligiblity for carry over to next year
      60 hours normally eligible for conversion to sick leave

Step 2

      60 hours normally eligible for conversion to sick leave
     -40 hours used for Special Annual Bonus Leave (SPL2)
     20 hours that will be converted to sick leave for carry over to next year
Please note:  Leave will be pro-rated based on FTE and months per year

Additional Questions and Answers

Who is eligible for the Special Annual Bonus Leave (SPL2)?

Employees must meet all of the following criteria:

  •     Full-time or part-time (half time or more) “leave-earning employees”
  •     Employed (in pay status) with the State of North Carolina on July 1, 2018
  •     Eligible to earn vacation leave on July 1, 2018
  •     Have an appointment to a permanent, probationary, or time-limited position


  •     Full-time employees who work less than 12 months (9-, 10-, or 11-month employees) shall receive a pro-rated amount of leave.
  •     Permanent part-time employees (half time or more) shall receive a pro-rated amount of leave.
  •     The leave is available for immediate use to employees on workers’ compensation leave or military leave for reserve active duty, effective July 1, 2018
  •     The leave bonus will be available to other employees in a leave without pay status upon return to work

What can I use the SPL2 to cover?
The SPL2 can be used for any purpose for which regular vacation leave is used, except it cannot be donated as voluntary shared leave.

When did the SPL2 become eligible to be used?
Session Law 2018-5 granted this leave to be effective on July 1, 2018.

Can the SPL2 leave be cashed out?
This leave has no cash value and is not eligible for cash-out. If not used prior to the time of separation or retirement, the SPL2 cannot be paid out and is lost.

Is SPL2 transferrable?
Yes, any balance of SPL2 will be transferred with an employee who transfers (without a break in service) to another state agency position eligible for this leave.

Can I use SPL2 to make up time lost due to adverse weather?
Yes, if the adverse weather leave occurred on or after July 1, 2018.

Does my supervisor have to approve my request to use the SPL2?
Yes, requests to use this leave are subject to your supervisor’s approval and must be entered in the University time keeping and leave system.

If I do not see my question here, whom can I contact for more information?
You can contact Christy Williams, Associate Director of Human Resources, at (828) 232-5116 or for questions regarding the Special Annual Bonus Leave.

Other Resources:

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