Community Service Leave (CSL)

CSL provides leave-eligible SHRA & EHRA employees paid time off to volunteer in NC schools, communities, institutions of higher education, NC State agencies, and not-for-profit organizations; as long as the employee is not receiving pay for the service. All CSL must be preapproved by supervisor prior to volunteer event.

Community Service Leave Policy

Community Service Leave – Literacy, Tutoring & Mentoring Policy

How Do I Request to Use Community Service Leave?

Employees should:

  • Submit a request for community service leave to their Supervisor. If the CSL is for Literacy CSL or Tutoring/Mentoring CSL then program documentation should be provided to the supervisor, and forwarded to Human Resources.
  • Enter and track all leave in the OnePort Leave and Timekeeping system under the community service leave taken field.

Supervisors review the requests for community service leave and approve or disapprove the request.