Accommodations And Flexibility

The University will return to regular on-site operations effective August 2, 2021, with limited exceptions. However, we understand there are individual circumstances that may call for accommodations or flexibility. As we transition back to on-site work, we encourage supervisors, staff and colleagues to approach each other with understanding, care and compassion. The mechanisms in place to address exceptions and workplace flexibility are outlined below.

ADA Accommodations

Employees unable to return to campus because of the employee’s health condition should request an ADA accommodation through the Office of Human Resources. The COVID-19 accommodations process has been updated for Fall 2021. We encourage you to carefully review the updated information on the website to evaluate your eligibility.

Short-term Flexible Work Arrangement Requests

We recognize that circumstances arise that require flexibility in work schedules or locations, and some of the federal leave programs that were in place to assist with childcare and eldercare are no longer available. We encourage supervisors to work with employees in navigating the transition to on-site work and to use care and compassion in guiding their units.

Recurring short-term arrangements of 30 days or less due to special or unique circumstances  should be coordinated between employees and supervisors directly and should be documented in writing and shared with the Office of Human Resources. Such arrangements cannot be renewed without Vice Chancellor or Senior Staff approval. The University is currently reassessing its flexible work arrangement policy and should be rolling out the new policy in the coming weeks.

Pilot Program Remote Work Exceptions

Senior Staff may choose to implement a series of pilot remote work programs to test and assess a hybrid work model among certain work units. These pilot groups will largely be “back office” functions that do not require front-facing student or customer contact. These limited exceptions will be driven by business necessities and not individual employee preference, and will require division Senior Staff approval.