Employee Engagement Survey

In early 2018, UNC Asheville faculty and staff participated in an employee engagement survey, a UNC system-wide initiative.  The five-year employee engagement survey project was developed to help achieve the goals of the UNC Strategic Plan, and also supports the Organizational Capacity Strategic Direction of UNC Asheville’s Strategic Plan. The engagement survey collects data about how faculty and staff view the university workplace, and will help the university to identify areas of strengths and areas for improvement.  The data collected this year will establish a baseline metric for engagement to track over the next five years.


2018 Results

UNC Asheville Executive Summary

UNC Asheville Overall Benchmark Scorecard

UNC Asheville Job Category Scorecard


Next Steps

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Senior Staff will host a series of campus discussions this fall to gather perspectives and ideas.  Senior Staff also look forward to working closely with Staff Council and each of you on campus as they support the growth and improvement of our campus community and workplace satisfaction.



For questions about UNC Asheville's survey participation, contact Christy Williams at 828-232-5116, or cwilliam@unca.edu.