For Hiring Managers

Employment System Login for Hiring Managers

Hiring managers may use the online employment system, People Admin 7, to make updates or prepare for recruitment. This login uses the same username and password as your UNC Asheville credentials. This system allows hiring managers to review applications for both temporary and regular vacancies.

We welcome new employees into regular positions generally twice a month. The Office of Human Resources offers an onboarding program that will take place on the first two hire dates of each month. Employees hired in the middle of the month will have a brief (two hour) session on their first day, and then participate in the two-day orientation the following month.  

About the Employment Services Team

Human Resources is dedicated to supporting hiring managers and applicants with employment opportunities. Employment Services will provide guidance to the hiring department representatives as they develop a recruitment strategy, post the position, review applications, interview candidates, and select the best qualified candidate for the position.