Mandatory Retirement Programs

UNC Asheville offers the following retirement programs for permanent, probationary, or time-limited employees working at least 30 hours per week for nine months per year on a continuing basis. SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty or Faculty may choose either the TSERS retirement plan or the University System's Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). The employee is mandated to contribute 6% of their gross salary to their plan choice.

View the Mandatory Retirement Plan Decision Guide.

Mandatory Retirement Plans

Teachers' and State Employees Retirement System

This particular retirement program is a defined benefit plan. Under this type of plan, the benefit received at retirement is based on a formula. This formula considers your years and months of creditable service, your age, and the average of your salary during your 4 highest paid consecutive years.

Optional Retirement Program(ORP)

Optional Retirement Program

ORP is offered as an option or alternative to TSERS.

This particular plan is a defined contribution plan where employees control the investment choices, distribution methods and retirement goals.

The choice between TSERS and ORP is a one-time irrevocable decision and must be made within 60 days of employment.

Law Enforcement Officers Retirement Program (LEORS)

Law Enforcement Retirement Program

This program is mandatory for full-time State law enforcement officers who have full power of arrest. LEORS is a defined benefit plan.  Employees hired on or after August 1, 2011 are vested following 10 years of contributions; employees hired before August 1, 2011 are vested following 5 years of contributions.

Under this type of plan, the benefit received at retirement is based on a formula that takes age, years of creditable service and salary into account.

Phased Retirement Program

Phased Retirement Program

This is program is for eligible full-time tenured Faculty members to make an orderly transition to retirement through half-time service (or its equivalency) for a predetermined number of years. It is available to members of TSERS or ORP retirement programs. For more information about Phased Retirement Programs, you may visit:

Supplemental Retirement Program

Supplemental Retirement Program

Employees have several supplemental retirement programs available to them through voluntary payroll deductions. These options are not matched by the State but can offer pre-tax savings with a variety of investment options or some post-tax Roth options. You may enroll at any time, your account is 100% vested, and you may change the contribution rate at any time.