Personnel Action Request Process

Section 1: Type of Request

Check the appropriate box(es) to identify the type of personnel action(s) you are requesting. Check all boxes that are applicable to this request. The options are:

  • Fill Vacant Position
  • New Position
  • Reclassify Existing Position
  • Salary Adjustment
  • FTE Adjustment (hours per week)
  • Change in Term (months per year)
  • Reorganization/Department Transfer
  • Change in Funding Source
  • Abolish Existing Position

If the only action is to update a job description, then Personnel Action Request Form does not need to be completed. Instead, please contact a Position Management Specialist in HR for requests to update job descriptions.

Complete the following sections (if known and/or applicable)

  • Current Classification Title – complete if the action is for an existing position
  • Position # - complete for an existing position. Contact HR for assistance in looking up the position number. Leave blank for a new position.
  • Proposed Classification Title – complete if the request is for a new position or a position reclassification. Consult with a Position Management Specialist in HR to determine the appropriate classification for the position.
  • Current Incumbent – list the name of the employee currently in the position (if applicable).
  • Proposed Working Title – enter the proposed working title for a new position or a reclassification request; if the working title is unchanged, list the current working title. In most cases, EHRA positions should have identical classification titles and working titles.
  • Anticipated Effective Date – enter the date you anticipate that the action will be implemented (i.e. the date a salary adjustment should begin, a new employee will begin work, etc.) Note: The actual effective date will be determined based on various factors such as signature approvals, length of interview process, payroll deadlines, etc. Please note that personnel actions cannot be approved retroactive to a previous month.
  • Department - enter the department name.
  • Division – enter the division name.
  • Supervisor’s Name – enter the name of the direct supervisor.
  • Supervisor’s Phone Number – enter the work phone # for the direct supervisor.
  • Salary Change Detail - Complete the boxes for current salary, proposed salary, amount of increase (if applicable) and percent of increase (if applicable). For any boxes that do not apply to this request, enter “n/a.”
  • For Vacancy Announcement Only – if the position is to be posted, enter the hiring salary range. Consult with a Position Management Specialist in HR to determine the recommended salary range based on the classification and campus equity. Please note that the maximum amount approved on this form is the maximum salary that can be offered to a candidate!

Section 2: Appointment Details

FTE – check the appropriate boxes:

  • Full-time - 40 hours per week
  • Part-time - less than 40 hours per week; indicate the number of hours per week on the line provided.
  • Time-limited – check if the assignment/position is time-limited and indicate the length of the assignment. Note: Time-limited assignments/positions must be for at least 9 months and less than 3 years.
  • Term – check the box indicating how many months per year the employee will work.

Section 3: Budget Justification

The purpose of a complete and detailed justification is to tie the personnel request to the Institutional Effectiveness plan. This information will also support the results based budgeting process for Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM).

The department head, in consultation with the division budget manager, completes this section. Check the appropriate boxes and provide a brief justification as indicated, including:

  • References to how this position supports the institutional effectiveness plan
  • The student learning outcome the action supports (if applicable)
  • Specific goal measures (if applicable)

Section 4: Budget Information

The division budget manager completes this section, indicating which budget code(s) will be used to fund the position and verifying that existing funds have been identified to cover the position.

Section 5: Approval Signatures

The following signatures indicating approval should be obtained prior to submitting the completed form to Human Resources:

  • Supervisor – the direct supervisor of the employee/position
  • Department Head – in some cases, may be the same as the supervisor
  • Division Budget Manager – each division has a budget manager designated to approve the budget for personnel actions within the division.
  • AVC/AP/Dean/AAD – the Associate Vice Chancellor, Associate Provost, Dean, or Associate Athletic Director assigned to the department
  • Vice Chancellor/Provost/Athletic Director or Chief of Staff – signature indicates approval of personnel action, proposed salary, and budget authorization.
  • Chancellor – the Chancellor’s signature is required for all EHRA Non-Faculty salary increases and new EHRA Non-Faculty SAAO positions. Any SHRA salary increase (including a promotional increase) of 9.5% or more requires the Chancellor’s approval, and must also be submitted for NC Office of State Personnel approval.

After all approval signatures have been obtained, the division budget manager should retain a copy of the form. The original form should be submitted to Human Resources for processing.

Position Approval Workflow

Used for: Filling a vacant position, establishing a new position, reclassifying an existing position, abolishing a position, requesting a salary adjustment, adjusting appointment terms (i.e. hours per week or months per year), department or position transfer/reorganization, or changing funding source.

Position Approval Workflow

Position Approval Process Details

  1. The Supervisor determines the business need for a personnel action:
    1. An existing position is or soon will be vacant and the position needs to be refilled
    2. An employee’s job duties/responsibilities have or will increase significantly, warranting a salary increase
    3. An employee’s level of responsibilities and expanded job duties warrant a reclassification based on the reased competencies required for the position.
    4. A new position is needed
    5. Appointment change (hours per week or months per year)
    6. Change the funding source for a position
    7. A department transfer or reorganization
    8. Abolish a position
  2. The Supervisor confers with the appropriate Associate/Assistant Vice Chancellor, Dean, Associate Athletic Director and/or Department Head to ensure the request will be supported and is in line with divisional priorities. Note: If a position is to be refilled and the job description is accurate, with no change of duties, the supervisor can skip to step 5, complete the PARF, and omit steps 6-12. Once HR receives the PARF, the action will be forwarded to Employment.
  3. The Supervisor develops a list of the essential job functions for the position including a brief rationale and description of new and significant changes in duties (unless the current job description is accurate, with no change of duties, or the position is being abolished).
  4. The Supervisor emails the list of essential job functions to the Classification and Compensation Specialist in Human Resources  and schedules a consultation session to determine the appropriate classification and the corresponding salary range.
  5. The Supervisor fills out the Personnel Action Request Form (PARF) and consults with appropriate personnel in the division (Department Head, Assistant/Associate Vice Chancellor, Assistant/Associate Provost, Dean, Division Budget Manager and Vice Chancellor) to ensure that:
    1. The Supervisor obtains the approval signatures* and submits the form to Human Resources. Note: For EHRA salary increases, the Chancellor must also approve the form.
    2. *Approval signatures: 1) Supervisor, 2) Department Chair/Director, 3) AVC, AP, or Dean, 4) Division Budget Manager, 5) University Budget Officer, and 6) Vice Chancellor
  6.  Human Resources forwards the online job description template to the supervisors queue in the PeopleAdmin system.
  7. The Supervisor completes/updates the job description in PeopleAdmin and forwards the job description to the next level.
  8. The Department Head and AVC, AP or Dean approves the action and forwards the online job description to the Vice Chancellor queue. The Vice Chancellor approves the job description and forwards to the Human Resources queue.
  9. The Classification and Compensation Specialist reviews the job description and forwards to the University Budget Office. Note: If the job description is incomplete and/or is not at the level anticipated based on the review of the list of essential functions in step (2), the job description will be returned to the supervisor for revision.
  10. University Budget Office reviews budget code to ensure proper fund codes have been identified, gives final approval for the action, and forwards to HR.
  11. The Affirmative Action Officer reviews the job description for EEO compliance and, if acceptable, approves the job description and forwards to Human Resources for final review and processing of the action.