Recruitment of Temporary Staff

Note:  You can find the necessary forms for the items below on our forms page.

Temporary Employee Authorization (TEA) Instructions:

Departments may occasionally need temporary employees. Temporary personnel are used when departments:

  1. Are in the process of recruiting for a vacant position and need someone during that period;
  2. Are in the process of creating a new SHRA position and need someone to fill in until the job has been approved and recruitment completed;
  3. May require additional help on a short term project;
  4. Need a position only for intermittent periods of time.

Temporary appointments normally do not exceed three to six months and under the rulings of the Office of State Personnel, in no case may exceed twelve consecutive months (*exceptions for students and retirees.)

Initiating the Recruitment Process

Once the need for temporary personnel in your area has been identified, you are ready to initiate the recruitment process using the following guidelines:

Jobs requiring an employee to work three days or less:

Department conducts search and selects temporary candidate. A “Temporary Employment Authorization” (TEA) form approved by the Division Vice Chancellor and Budget Officer is submitted to Human Resources five working (5) days before the employee starts work in order to complete the mandatory background check.

Jobs for longer duration or where more specific or specialized job functions are required:

Appropriate recruitment activities required by equal opportunity and affirmative action regulations must be undertaken when an appointment will be more than three (3) days in length. Your temporary job will be posted online in the same fashion as SHRA permanent positions. UNC Asheville’s online employment site is designed to make the recruiting and hiring process more efficient and accessible for both job applicants and hiring managers.

Department sends Human Resources a “Temporary Employment Authorization Form” (TEA) with a brief job description to post online. All requests for temporary employment must be approved by the Senior Staff Member and Budget Officer before posting. Your job will be posted in the same fashion as SHRA permanent positions. Once the recruitment period is over, you will be given access to review your candidates, interview those most qualified, and make an offer after appropriate processes are complete. Upon acceptance of the offer, the hiring official will notify Human Resources of their selection. Human Resources will, in turn, email a “hiring confirmation” to the supervisor with selected candidate, rate of pay and terms of employment.

Pre-employment Requirements

Once a candidate has satisfied the pre-employment requirements, you will contact them to confirm their start date and rate of pay. Inform them that they will need to complete their employment paperwork on or before their first day of employment, including Form I-9.

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, is required by the Department of Homeland Security for all employed within the U.S. Documents that establish both identity and employment authorization are presented with the form. Your new Temporary Employee will report to Human Resources to complete his/her employment paperwork.

Paying Temporary Employees

Salaried/Stipend Temporary Employees

Salaried Temporary Employees (monthly or stipend recipients), like permanent staff, are paid monthly at the end of each month, and they do not complete time sheets. For employees receiving a “one time” or “stipend” payment, a Payroll Request Form is submitted to Human Resources by the hiring department that confirms or amends the amounts/date of payment reported on the TEA. (For example, many of our instructors’ compensation is paid based on actual student enrollment numbers.)

Hourly Temporary Non-Student Employees

Hourly employees submit time sheets for approval to their supervisors on the dates indicated on the Web Time Entry Website. This allows the time sheet Approver to view and verify the hours worked. The Approver will then electronically approve the time sheet and submit it to Payroll.

Temporary hourly employees are paid bi-weekly, like student and work study employees. The dates of pay are also noted on the Web Time Entry Website.

Part of each hourly employee’s training is to make certain he/she is acquainted with the Web Time Entry accessed through OnePort. This training is essential to ensure that the time is entered correctly and on a daily basis. If you are not familiar with this practice, visit the Web Time Entry Website, then download the calendar to view dates and user instructions.

Employment of Graduating Students

Managers may wish to employ students who are graduating to allow for the completion of projects beyond commencement.  This extension should not exceed 89 days.  The manager should complete the Temporary Employment Authorization (TEA) using the day after graduation as the beginning of this temporary assignment, get signatures from the appropriate fund manager, and Vice Chancellor and submit the form to the Office of Human Resources.  Should this arrangement extend longer than 89 days, there will be additional requirements prior to approval.