Role of Human Resources

Once notified, HR contacts the employee to determine the nature of the absence – if they plan to be out consistently or on an intermittent basis:

  1. Determines if employee needs to also apply for short term disability (STD)
  2. Within 5 days of the request, HR sends the employee the appropriate paperwork:
    1. FMLA Notice of Eligibility
    2. FMLA Rights and Responsibilities
    3. Parental Leave – if applicable
  3. Once the employee provides the completed FMLA certification, an email is sent to the supervisor to let him/her know that the employee has made an FMLA request as well as general information about employer responsibilities.
  4. Works with the employee and supervisor throughout process to ensure approvals are received and employee is paid appropriately.
  5. Helps employee coordinate FMLA with short term disability and parental leave – if applicable
  6. Intermittent leave – HR will send the supervisor information that indicates how frequently the employee will need to be out of work and for what duration.
    1. The supervisor needs to monitor this and if the absences are greater than what was initially indicated then they should contact HR. In this instance, HR sends a request for re-certification as the conditions for FMLA have now changed.