Role of Supervisor

As a supervisor, you must take an active role in the Family Medical Leave process. Please review and become familiar with the steps below:

  1. Review the FMLA policy
  2. Notify HR that an employee has been out for 3 days, and indicate whether a fitness-for-duty test will be needed before the employee can return to work.
  3. Refer employee to the HR Benefits Specialist to discuss FMLA and  the potential coordination of  Short Term disability and/or parental leave.
  4. Ensure you are approving all monthly leave reports in a timely manner – this is extremely important and could have a detrimental effect on the employee if not approved timely. (if the employee is not able to complete and submit the timesheet, notify the payroll department)
  5. If the employee leave balance reaches 100 hours, contact the Benefits Specialist to discuss options.
  6. When the employee returns to work, provide HR with a copy of the return to work notice. If the notice requires restrictions, then work with Human Resources to ensure appropriate accommodations are made.
  7. Do not allow the employee to work without a sufficient return to work notice as this could be a liability for the University.
  8. If the employee is out intermittently then the supervisor needs to:
    1) Monitor and if the absences are greater than what was initially indicated at the time of the request for leave, contact Human Resources.
    2) Provide dates of absences to Human Resources so that accurate records are maintained.