Employee Relations

Employee Relations is focused on promoting positive working relationships and environments for all UNCA faculty and staff members. This unit can assist supervisors to strengthen working relationships and manage conflict with various communication and problem solving techniques; understand and apply the University’s policies and regulations fairly and equitably; address performance challenges and identify opportunities for growth; and develop appropriate goals and objectives.

This unit also provides guidance to employees with workplace concerns, grievances, or other issues while providing consultative services to managers in the development of appropriate communications regarding performance expectations and feedback.

The Employee Relations unit of Human Resources offers a full-range of consultative and programmatic services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Supervisory consultations related to performance and professionalism, conduct, disciplinary issues, and separations from the university of any kind (e.g., discontinuations and dismissals)
  • Provides a variety of conflict resolution processes and strategies to faculty and staff to enable them to resolve disputes in the university setting.
  • Provides leadership in ensuring best practices on a wide range of employee relations issues.
  • Advises/refers faculty and staff on appropriate grievance procedures, advises supervisors and managers on corrective action procedures, and provides employee relations support to
    university departments.
  • Leads investigations into alleged violations of university policies.
  • Analyze and evaluate data on retention and related issues, conduct exit interviews, and provide recommendations and counseling to faculty and staff involving workplace concerns and disputes.
  • Management of climate surveys.
  • Serves as the ADA Coordinator for employees.


  • Faculty Resources

  • The Office of Human Resources offers guidance for faculty in the Employee Relations area, which includes grievance, mediation, conflict resolution, and addtional topics. For more information, contact Human Resources at 828-251-6605. For Mediation and Grievance policies, view the Faculty Handbook.
  • Grievance Policy & Procedures

  • UNC Asheville encourages direct communication between employees and supervisors in an attempt to address grievances in the spirit of cooperation and compromise. The Office of Human Resources – Employee Relations administers the Grievance Policy to ensure a prompt, orderly, and fair response to an employee’s grievance or complaint. Employee Relations works to assure that employees have access to grievance procedures to address grievable issues rapidly and fairly, without fear of retaliation. For assistance or advice on the access and use of this procedure, please contact Human Resources at 828-251-6605.SHRA Grievance Policy
  • Mediation Services

  • Mediation is the first step in the formal grievance process and involves the services of a neutral third person that assists an employee and an agency representative in resolving an employee grievance in a mutually acceptable manner. Mediation provides an opportunity for the two parties to openly discuss the grievance and reach a resolution that is mutually acceptable to both the agency and the employee. A mediator assists the parties to develop a solution themselves. When mediation results in a resolution of the grievance, parties will sign a Mediation Agreement.
  • Guidance for Supervisors

  • The Office of Human Resources offers training in the Employee Relations area, which includes grievance, mediation, conflict resolution, and addtional topics. For more information, contact Human Resources at 828-251-6605.
  • Faculty and Staff Employee Assistance Program

  • The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program and Work-Life Services will be provided by ComPsych for you and your household members.