As you prepare to separate employment with UNC Asheville, we hope your experience here adds value to your future endeavors. We realize this is a critical transition and would like to provide you valuable information and guidance during the departure process.

Separation Checklist

In the cases of resignation and retirement, both the employee and university have responsibilities to ensure that the employee has the appropriate information, that all outstanding obligations are settled, and that the university complies with all regulatory guidelines. Employees are expected to provide their supervisor a written notice of their resignation from the university.  Employees should also verify that all university property is returned, such as:

  • Electronic devices returned to immediate supervisor.
  • Keys returned to immediate supervisor.
  • OneCard returned to immediate supervisor.
  • Uniforms returned to immediate supervisor.
  • University P-Card(s) returned to immediate supervisor and then forwarded to Joel Knisley (CPO 1423). Please call Joel (232-5121) for card de-activation and/or suspension of reconciler/approver system access.
  • University T-Card(s) returned to immediate supervisor and then forwarded to Catherine Mallon (CPO 1422). Please call Catherine (251-6243) for card de-activation and/or suspension of reconciler/approver system access.
  • WEX cards should be returned to immediate supervisor and held for use by others.
  • All other University credit cards (Lowe’s, Home Depot, AMEX) returned to immediate supervisor and then forwarded to Joel Knisley (CPO 1423). Please call Joel (232-5121) for card de-activation.

Click here to access the full Separation Checklist.

Offboarding Benefits

Click here for more information on Offboarding Benefits. Please contact Melanie Johnson at 828.350.4589 with the Office of Human Resources regarding any benefit questions. Please view ORP 3 Form


NCFlex Benefits

NC FLEX (such as Dental/Vision/Flexible Spending Accounts) – Depending on the coverage you selected from the NC Flex program, you may be eligible for COBRA coverage or to continue your coverage as a direct payer. Notification of your COBRA rights will be mailed directly to your home address on file with the NC Flex vendor within 14 days after your coverage with the University terminates.Your current coverage with NC Flex benefits (excluding flexible spending accounts) will stop at the end of the month of your last day worked.  Your flexible spending account coverage ends on the same date as your separation date.

Leave Balances

If eligible, annual leave balances up to 240 hours are paid out either with the final pay or the month following.  All bonus leave hours are paid out upon separation from employment if not transferring to another State of North Carolina agency or UNC System school.  Only mandatory retirement system contributions (TSERS or ORP) will be deducted from the leave balance payouts along with any applicable taxes.  Sick leave balances are not paid out; however, if one returns to NC State government employment in a position that is eligible for benefits within 5 years of separation of employment, the accumulated balance will be reinstated.

Services available to retirees:




UNC Asheville Exit Interview Program

UNC Asheville is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the working atmosphere for our employees and we value your feedback. Please complete a brief Exit Survey Form to tell Human Resources about your work experience at UNC Asheville. You may print the survey and mail to the Office of Human Resources, CPO 1450, One University Heights, Asheville, NC, 28804, or if you prefer, complete and email to, or fax to 828.251.6385.