Summary of the Hiring Process for Hiring Managers

Remember that all student hiring activity must be pre-approved by your area Vice Chancellor and allow 3 weeks for that approval and the necessary processing of paperwork through Human Resources and Payroll.

Step 1: Recruit for your position through UNC Asheville Career Center’ Handshake (available through OnePort).

Step 2: Request approval to hire through your division Senior Staff member or Vice Chancellor.
Academic Affairs requests are managed by this Request Form.
Requests are managed differently in other divisions. If you are unsure, please consult your supervisor.

Step 3: Once you receive approval, submit a complete, accurate and signed Student Employment Contract to Human Resources; a dropbox is located in the first floor lobby of Phillips Hall.  In addition to the contract, the following forms must be completed by students who are being hired for their first UNC Asheville job:

  1. Form I-9
  2. W-4
  3. NC-4EZ
  4. Direct Deposit Enrollment and either a void check or bank form showing routing and checking account numbers.

An appointment must be scheduled by the employee to provide these forms and appropriate documentation.

Student contract(s) will not be processed until all completed forms are on file. Furthermore, contract(s) and forms must be completed prior to, or on, their first day of work. Refer to the Student Employees tab for more information. Without these forms on file, your student employee will not be able to record hours worked or be paid.

Step 4: Once all paperwork is completed and accurate, the student employee information will be set up in Banner and the necessary items will be sent to Payroll for job detail entry.

All student employees report their time and are paid on a bi-weekly pay cycle. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to review and approve student timesheets for accurate and timely payments to students.