EHRA Performance Management

Regular performance evaluations provide an opportunity for employees to understand how their responsibilities and performance expectations align with the goals and priorities of their work unit and with the University’s strategic plan. It also provides a defined cycle of review for managers and employees to assess employee success toward meeting operational needs and professional development goals.

Policy Highlights

The UNC System Office adopted the system-wide Regulation on Annual Performance Appraisals for Staff Exempt from the NC Human Resources Act (EHRA Non-Faculty), hereafter “Regulations,” in May 2017. Highlights of the Regulations include:

  • Assigning an overall rating of Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations or Not Meeting Expectations for each employee.
  • Reporting performance ratings to the System Office no later than August 31st of each year.
  • Use of performance appraisal/evaluation instrument(s) that contain specific elements defined by the UNC System Office. (See details under Format section).

The evaluation process contains a 3-point rating scale required by the UNC Regulation (i.e., Exceeding, Meets and Does Not Meet).

All aspects of the current performance management appraisal process (review cycle, identification of performance/professional development goals and a written assessment against these standards, an in-person meeting with employee to review performance) remain unchanged.


July 1 -August 13Employee completes self-report and Supervisor completes and reviews evaluation with employee.  Evaluations may be signed and submitted electronically for 2020-2021.
August 16Performance Evaluation Forms due to Human Resources
After Evaluation is CompleteGoals for FY2021-2022 will be entered in a new online system.  More information will be available soon!

Performance Evaluation Cycle Details

The annual performance evaluation (or appraisal) covers the period from the previous July 1st to June 30th of the following year.

  • EHRA staff members who have been employed for at least six months of the evaluation cycle (i.e., hired before January 1) must receive an annual performance evaluation.
  • Currently employed EHRA staff members hired after January 1 must have goals established for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • EHRA staff members hired during the fiscal year should have goals established within one month of hire.
  • Supervisors of employees who have had a supervisory change in their present position during the evaluation year should consult with the prior supervisor so that they can contribute to the year-end evaluation whenever possible. If this is not possible for whatever reason, the present supervisor should note this in the evaluation and undertake their best effort to consult a next-level supervisor within the work unit who would best be in a position to assess or comment on the performance of the employee prior to the present supervisor assuming supervision. Ultimately, the present supervisor is responsible for assuring completion and delivery of the annual performance evaluation under these circumstances.

Evaluations should be electronically signed and submitted to Christy Williams in the Office of Human Resources at by no later than Monday, August 16.